3 Great Android Apps for Hospital Staff

Mobile applications can provide useful tools and resources for hospital staff. Daily tasks and having convenient access to references or records when needed are two of the productivity issues that utilizing mobile applications can help hospital staff with. Patient communication is another important element, and more and more patients are looking for ways to stay in contact and make appointments through mobile device technology. Some of the great available apps for Android that hospital staff can use to stay connected, track patient records, and provide staff with reference and education include Mobile Hospital, Doctor ON GO-T, and Medscape.

Communication with Patients

Mobile Hospital, an Android app by Modo Labs, provides the tools that hospital staff needs to stay in contact within departments and to disseminate information to patients. From appointment scheduling and confirmations, doctors, physician background, maps of the hospital layout, directions, and important care information, hospital staff are able to streamline the interaction with patients. The notifications feature helps remind patients, visitors, and staff with notifications through badge, e-mail, and text.

Hospital staff can also link the app to their social media accounts and calendars to keep employees in every department and patients up-to-date on upcoming events and important dates. The contact information feature helps with more than just patient scheduling, too; employees have fast access to the numbers they need for keeping track of important contacts. Another key feature is the documents storage, where employee handbooks, operating procedures, and human resources forms can be kept for easy access for staff from every department in the hospital.

The app is easily customizable to suit each hospital’s needs without allocating resources to develop a from-scratch app for patient and staff communication.

Managing Patient Records

Doctor ON GO-T is a productivity app for Android that helps busy hospital staff and physicians track patient records. Computer technology has already improved issues with patient records, but utilizing a mobile app adds to the convenience and helps physicians, nurses, and other staff members to improve the quality of care through immediate access and release of important patient information.

From a phone or a tablet, staff throughout the hospital can use the app for dictation, access databases of records, schedule appointments, track payments and account balances, add new patients, import and export data, and add photos and notes to patient records.

Hospital Staff Education

Ongoing education is important in all fields, and keeping up-to-date in the healthcare is one of the most essential fields for this. Trainings, workshops, and conferences can be difficult to schedule, so providing hospital staff with access to an Android app that gives them options for education is an extraordinary resource.

Medscape from WebMD is a free app that physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff can use for reference and education. Some of the tools include an easy to navigate reference manual, interaction checker, medical news, education resources, disease pathologies protocols database, drug references, clinical disease references, images, and procedure videos.

Utilizing these apps and more are useful for the staff, as well as the patients. For see http://www.jopm.org/evidence/research/2011/10/31/promoting-participatory-medicine-with-social-media-new-media-applications-on-hospital-websites-that-enhance-health-education-and-e-patients-voices/.