Ten Ipad Apps for Nurses

Nurses are relying more and more on mobile devices to deliver efficient, quality patient care. Nurses, or those aspiring to be nurses, can enjoy the convenience and practicality of these ten top apps made for the Ipad.  These tools can not only bring you that efficient,  quality patient care, but also save you valuable time.


1) Nursing Central

Nurses facing difficult diagnostic situations need to have the latest research at their fingertips. With Nursing Central, detailed data regarding diagnosis, available tests, medications and procedures are just a few clicks away. For those with a paid subscription, detailed drug information on 5,000 medications, dictionary definitions of greater than 65,000 terms and interpretive guidelines for over 100 tests are smartly organized into an easily retrievable format.



 2) Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care Medicine is a peer-reviewed, scientific publication in critical care medicine.  It was developed for health care specialists who treat patients in the ICU and CCU, Critical Care Medicine.  It  covers all aspects of care for the critically ill or injured patient. You will find issues that provides clinical breakthroughs that lead to better patient care, the latest news on promising research, and advances in equipment and techniques.



3) Nursing2013

Nursing2013 is a monthly peer-reviewed journal of clinical excellence.  It provides practical, hands-on information for all nurses. You will find that Nursing2013 is an excellent source for quick updates on a comprehensive range of nursing topics.  It will also provide you with expert advice on your always changing profession.



4) Netter’s Anatomy Atlas

This prize winning application brings Dr. Netter’s famous drawings of medical anatomy and physiology into the electronic age. Nursing students will appreciate the portability of this interactive, intuitive anatomy study tutorial. Once students feel they have mastered a particular area, they can take quizzes to test their knowledge base.



5) Muscle Premium for Ipad/Iphone

This comprehensive electronic encyclopedia has detailed diagrams of over 600 muscles, over 200 bones, 2,200 points of attachment and over 100 animated muscles. Three-dimensional drawings and an interactive interface keep nursing students glued to their Ipads while learning the fundamentals of anatomy. Students, teachers and professional nurses will find this app useful.



6) VitalHub Chart

It is important to enter patient information timely to ensure accuracy and improve efficiency. With VitalHub chart, nurses or nursing students can enter medical information from their own Ipad, as long as their hospital is connected to the VitaHub server. In addition to the core note-entry features, users can readily access patient lists, review charts and examine lab results.



7) Tiger Text Pro

TigerText is the leader in secure, real-time messaging. TigerTextPRO allows enterprises to create a private and secure mobile messaging network with their employees’ smartphones. This controlled platform is HIPAA compliant and replaces the unsecured SMS text message that leaves protected health information and other confidential data at risk.



8) NurseTabs: MedSurg

This application allows novice nurses and nursing students to search for over 340 common diseases and disorders, separated by body system. Once the disease/ disorder is selected, the user will be able to have useful information right at their fingertips, including a nursing process approach to managing client care.



9) PatientTouch

Nurses must manage people, processes and data to facilitate efficient patient treatment. The PatientTouch app assists busy nurses to manage complicated processes by connecting clinicians to patients and nurses. The app has features allowing nurses to manage medication administration, specimen collections, infant care, care interventions and communications.



10) MedCalc Pro (medical calculator)

Even for a seasoned professional, calculating the correct dosage on medications can be difficult and time consuming. MedCal Pro increases accuracy with an easy to use interface that allows easy access to medical formulas, scales, classifications and scores. The latest version adds additional formulas and allows users to select different color interfaces.